FAIMS has launched ‘CHILL THRILL’ as their flagship product, historically Cola drinks are most preferred by the customers and hence the challenge was to ensure that we come up with a drink that will be liked and appreciated equally by ALL.
This flavour is based on a lemon drink but what makes it different is the tinge of mint that brings in a refreshing feel to the consumer. The flavour of this drink is what makes it stand apart from all the other variants available in the market, clearly a refreshing drink by all standards.
This Orange drink is vibrant in colour and is perceived to be a refreshing drink for youth a nd women alike. This drink will definitely entice the people who like Orange flavour, also the name given to the drink are very clearly an indication of ‘desi flavour’ to the drink.


FAIMS wishes all its patrons, customers, network partners all the very best for everything that is done in collaboration with us in months & years to come.

We are a new & young organisation with desire to establish FAIMS in this market and create a niche for our products in days to come. India is a consumers market and has always appreciated quality products....

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